Delivery and Hanging of the New Bells

Installing a new peal of bells doesn't happen that often, but the volunteer labour that assisted Andrew Ogden, Paul Mason, Carl Saunders and Chris Venn from John Taylor & Co saved the Bells Project about £10,000 approx.  It was hard work, but fun.


Final Assembly at John Taylor & Co
Photo: Malcolm Barnes



Bells arriving, in village hall car park         Moving bells
Photos: Nicky Pullan


Tea Time with L - R: Nicky Pullan, Malcolm Barnes, Daniel Knight, Back of Andrew Ogden and Chris Venn.
Photo: A G Pullan


First beam going up       Frame taking shape
Photos: A G Pullan


First side frame on the move
Photo: A G Pullan

Fifth and tenor bells ready for ringing
Photo: A G Pullan