What Did The Liddington Bells Project involve?

Phase 1
Tower roof was repaired including a new hatchway.
Stone parapets on the roof were repaired.
Two new stone louvres were fitted to match the existing one.
Lightning Conductor System was updated and tested.

Phase 2
The old ring of bells were taken to John Taylor's Bell Foundry and the cast in crown staples were drilled out. The west wall of the belfry above old frame height was repaired.
The original wooden bell frame was treated for furniture and death watch beetle.

Phase 3
The rotten old belfry floor was replaced with a new belfry floor 2 ft lower.  This also created the space for the new metal bell frame to be installed below the wooden one.
A ringers balcony was constructed below the west window with access through a new door from the tower spiral stairs.  This is where the bells are now rung from creating a space for the vestry below.
A new ring of 6 bells to be hung clockwise in a new metal frame, with the tenor bell being of similar weight to the 1849 bell, tenor 8-2-11 cwt were cast at John Taylors on 11 May 2016.
A single sheet glass balustrade for the ringing gallery has been installed.
The tower was re-wired throughout. 

The Bells Project has lasted just over two years with the Dedication Service taking place on
Saturday 29 October 2016.