The Original Bells

The Original Peal of Bells

There are very few records relating to the history of the bells, but limited information can be found in old church PCC minute books.  There is no information about bells until 1553 when records show there were just 3 bells.  It is possible that these were recast in 1663 and hung in the wooden frame previously installed dated 1642.  A further bell was added in 1786 and finally the tenor bell was added as part of the major church restoration in 1849.

Photo: Nicky Pullan

However the bells were soon rehung in 1884 and again in 1889 when additional frame support beams were added by Mr. Hooper of Woodbury Devon.  Clearly there were issues with frame movement and in 1948 Gillett & Johnson of Croydon declared the bells unringable.

From 1976 until 1979 the bells were rung regularly following lots of loving care and attention.  However, despite various attempts to restore the bells, nothing was ever started, and they were unringable ever since.

The bells were a ground floor ring and hung anti-clockwise in a wooden frame, the maker of which is unknown.  There are no records of any peals having been rung on the bells. 

The bells have now been secured to stop them swinging and the clappers mounted on the west wall in a specially designed rack.


Preserved Bells Decorated for the Service of Blessing Sunday 21 February 2016
Photo: A G Pullan